Your donations and gifts make a difference in providing safe, affordable homes for those in Middle Georgia. 



By giving of your resources to the Fuller Center for Housing of Macon, you are helping Middle Georgia families live better lives.

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in-kind donations

With the help of in-kind donations of building supplies and household fixtures, the Fuller Center is able to keep costs low and provide repairs and renovations to homeowners in Middle Georgia. Some examples of in-kind donations people have given in past include plumbing fixtures, kitchen cabinets, curtains, yard supplies, and more. 

Space: Storage Space, Volunteer Housing, Office Building

Volunteers: to serve as Social Workers

Paper Products: Toilet Paper, Tissue Paper, Paper Towels, Zip Lock Bags, Napkins, Paper Plates, & Cups

Safety Products: Dust Masks, Plastic Gloves, Work Gloves, Safety Glasses/Goggles, Old Clothes or Towels, & Trash Bags

Painting Supplies: Roller Covers, Brushes, Paint Buckets, Paint Trays, Tape, Sponges, & Paint Roller Extenders

Office Supplies: Bic Correction Tape, Copy Paper (Color & White), Name Tags, Card Stock Paper, Return Address Labels, #10 Envelopes, Sheet Protectors, Gift Bags, & Tissue Paper

Hand Tools: Hammers, Screwdrivers, Wrenches, Measuring Tapes, Box Cutters, Level, Crow Bars, & Hand Saws

Construction Supplies & Equipment: Ladders, Sand Paper for Wood and Drywall, Box Cutter Blades, & Caulk Guns

Used Yard & Construction Tools: We are always interested in working used large and small tools and equipment, especially weed eaters, lawnmowers, rakes, brooms, and snippers!