Greater Blessings: Home Repairs and Renovations

The Fuller Center of Macon engages in two types of programs: Greater Blessings and Save-a-House/Make-a-Home. The Greater Blessings program makes minor repairs or renovations for individuals and families who cannot afford repairs. Costs for these repairs total less than $4,000. The Fuller Center does not hold a mortgage but gives the family a Greater Blessings box with donation envelopes, asking the family to contribute back to the organization for the cost of the repairs.

These repairs ensure that homes are safe and comfortable for the families who live in them, instill a sense of pride in home owners, and help to preserve Macon’s architecture and history.

Requirements and Income Guidelines

To qualify for Fuller Center Macon’s Greater Blessings program, the following conditions must be met: there is a financial need, the homeowner is unable to do the work, and the homeowner is willing to participate in some way with the repair and give back as able. Further requirements are outlined in the application document.

People in Household Gross Annual Income Range
30% to 80%
1 $12,140 to $30,500
2 $16,460 to $34,350
3 $20,780 to $38,650
4 $25,100 to $42,900
5 $28,950 to $46,359
6 $31,100 to $49,800
7 $33,250 to $53,200
8 $35,200 to $56,650

Greater Blessings Application

Complete this form to apply for repairs or renovations on your home.