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FCHM Committees
We Need YOU! 

Anyone trying to find additional ways to donate? Anyone interested in different ways to serve and assist Fuller Center for Housing Macon? If a committee sounds like your specialty, please let us us at (478) 845-8087 or lbrown@fullercenterorg. 

This group needs people who are skilled in both leadership and the technical aspects of building. It is also important that members can make good assessments of projects to decide if the project is viable. Material costs need to be be calculated as well as making sure that the applicant does not end up with high service bills. Qualified members could lead training days in specific skills and decide how many volunteers will be needed to accomplish projects. 

This committee should have members outside of the Fuller Center on it, and would need to help prepare a budget, review bookkeeping, mortgages, insurance, and delinquency policies. A full financial report is necessary to be presented by the committee to the complete board monthly. 

Appointees for this part of FCHM need to have expertise in social media and coming up with strategies used to promote the organization's mission and causes. Specific strategies may also target potential volunteer workers and donors to give their money, time and skills on behalf of the organization.

This group takes over after a client is approved. Members keep up with the applicant through counseling, communication of expectations, and anything else that would continue in the support of them. A mentor from this committee should be assigned on a rotating basis for each family. 

Now you are the body of Christ,
and each one of you is a part of it. 
1 Corinthians 12:27