Newsletter Highlights: Recent Events

Great Progress at Beech House

There have been some major changes over at the Beech house in the last month! Thanks to groups from St. Peter's, James Madison University, Wittenberg University, Northway Church, Wesleyan College, and more, this house is starting to look like a home! Closets have been built, walls and cabinets constructed for the kitchen, most painting completed, yard waste removed, flowers planted, and the porch cleaned and stained! 


Pictured above, the homeowner's five-year-old son, Tyson, worked hard cleaning up the yard. He, along with his siblings, are so excited about their house that they turned down the opportunity to go to the movies so they could work on their house! It's been great to see how much of a group effort this transformation has been and the sheer number of lives touched to make this Save-a-House/Make-a-Home come to fruition. We love working alongside the Howard family and know they are looking forward to moving in this summer!


Mary Pinson March Spring Floral Workshop 

A great big thank you to Mary Pinson for an amazing floral workshop last month for the Fuller Center! The arrangements are beautiful and unique. There were thirteen participants, a perfect size to fill Mary's beautiful studio. Not only were the take-home arrangements beautiful, but we also raised $1,336 to support FCHM.

Pictured above (left to right) is workshop participant Amy Alderman, organizing board member Betty Ragland, host Mary Pinson, and participant Dawn Newsome. Thank you to Renasant Bank for sponsoring this event.


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