My father-in-law always dreamed big! His dreams were so big that other people would argue with him that his dream could not possibly be done. With determination, hard work and an enthusiasm that defied any negativity, he plotted a course and held steady until the goal was met.

Each day I talk with people who live in deplorable conditions. Ceilings that are falling down from the roof leaking, rotten floors, no heat or hot water, broken windows, and unsafe entry ways are all critical repair needs that low-income homeowners deal with every day but are unable to afford the repair costs.

The Fuller Center Macon is dreaming big! We want to concentrate our work in the Napier Heights community to help revitalize that neighborhood. Ravaged by derelict properties, vacant lots and needed house repairs, this community can be transformed.  Progress will inspire other homeowners to fix up their houses, so while the task seems impossible, it is not!  Jesus once told his disciples, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

The Fuller Center recently interviewed a homeowner several months after they moved in to make sure everything was going well.  Before they moved in, her nature was reserved and anxiety issues kept her from working.  But it was obvious she was a changed person.  Her demeanor was more open, expressive, and joyous.  She informed us that her doctor had approved her returning to work.  She was asked, “We can’t help but notice a difference in your personality.  What happened?”  She said, “Before, when we lived in a crowded home, I didn’t sense my children were happy, but now they are.  And when they are happy, I am happy.  And they are VERY happy.”

This is a bold dream. In order to make our dream a reality, we will need many partners and believers.  We need your prayers because prayer makes a difference.  We need friend-raisers.  Please share what is happening in Napier Heights with your friends.  Pass along this newsletter, or find people who want to receive our newsletter.  We don’t just need funds, we need fund-raisers.  The Fuller Center organizes several fund-raisers each year and volunteers help us make these successful.

Monthly Donors, You are our Heart and Soul

This month the Fuller Center for Housing of Macon honors a special group of friends, our monthly donors. No matter the amount given, their recurring gifts provide a stable monthly income on which we can depend. These friends are the yeast of the organization. They understand the mission and provide a foundation each month upon which we can accomplish the mission of Fuller Center Macon. THANK YOU MONTHLY DONORS

When you join Fuller Center Macon’s Foundation Builders, you join a special and dedicated group of people making a difference each month to provide safe, healthy and affordable housing for middle Georgians. By working together, we can eliminate substandard housing in Napier Heights….and then all of Macon! 

Print and return the information below to The Fuller Center for Housing of Macon, Ga, Inc. P.O. Box 18148, Macon GA 31209, or email Dianne Fuller at



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So you can have a summer where you, cycle, meet new people, tour the country, help build houses across America, and support safe, healthy and affordable housing in middle Georgia. Our Bike Adventure team leaders like to ask: ”Thirty years from now, will you wish you had spent more time in an office or more time out exploring beautiful countryside, getting your hands dirty and changing the world?”

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