The Programs of Fuller Center Macon

The Fuller Center of Macon engages in two types of programs: Greater Blessings and Save-a-House/Make-a-Home. These programs have a multitude of resulting benefits for the community. After the renovations, the house is not standing empty attracting crime, and the look of the neighborhood is greatly improved.  The benefits to the family include: (1) a safe and affordable dwelling; (2) the pride of home ownership; (3) improved school grades for children; and (4) more disposable income for the family.

Greater Blessings Program

The Greater Blessings program makes minor repairs or renovations for individuals and families who cannot afford repairs. Costs for these repairs total less than $4,000. The Fuller Center does not hold a mortgage but gives the family a Greater Blessings box with donation envelopes, asking the family to contribute back to the organization for the cost of the repairs.

Here are some stories of the Greater Blessings Program in Middle Georgia.


Save-a-House/Make-a-Home program

The Save-a-House/Make-a-Home Program receives donated or foreclosed houses and renovates those houses for low-income families who are not eligible for traditional loans. This program incorporates the principles of assessing no interest on the loan and requiring the family to work on their own house, investing “sweat equity.”

Click through the slideshow to see how this program is changing lives in our own community.