Save-a-House/Make-a-Home: Become a Homeowner

The Fuller Center of Macon engages in two types of programs: Greater Blessings and Save-a-House/Make-a-Home. The Save-a-House/Make-a-Home Program receives donated or foreclosed houses and renovates those houses for low-income families who are not eligible for traditional loans. This program incorporates the principles of assessing no interest on the loan and requiring the family to work on their own house, investing “sweat equity.”

When a home is filled through the Save-a-House/Make-a-Home program, the house is no longer standing empty attracting crime, and a family owning a home contributes to the improved stability of the neighborhood.  The benefits to the family include a safe and affordable dwelling, the pride of home ownership, improved school grades for children, and more disposable income for the family.

Requirements and Income Guidelines

To qualify for Fuller Center Macon’s Save-a-House/Make-a-Home program, the following conditions must be met: you do not currently own a home, can show a demonstrated need for safe housing, and cannot qualify for conventional financing. Further requirements are outlined in the application document. Additionally, the income requirements to apply are detailed below:

People in Household Gross Annual Income Range
30% to 80%
1 $12,140 to $30,500
2 $16,460 to $34,350
3 $20,780 to $38,650
4 $25,100 to $42,900
5 $28,950 to $46,359
6 $31,100 to $49,800
7 $33,250 to $53,200
8 $35,200 to $56,650

Save-a-House/Make-a-Home Application

Complete this form to apply to purchase a home through the Save-a-House/Make-a-Home program.